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Our expertise in diverse travel business verticals has given us the precise knowledge needed to best serve our international clients in Africa and the Middle East that want to do business in North and South America.

How we started

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The combination of professional experts and brilliant technology solutions provide the services needed to enhance your travel experience. Dedicated volunteers (doctors and healthcare professionals) in Africa and Europe are eager to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have proudly helped create some unique bonds between these healthcare providers and their local communities.

Meet the Team

Philip James


TR Jackobs

Finance Experts

Herry Holand

Corporate Experts

Aslent Rolo

Business Marketers

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Group Air Management

Centralize the planning, coordination and execution to drive control over budget, provide savings, consolidate data, and enhance attendees’ travel experience.

Strategic Meetings Management

Maximize savings opportunities with greater transparency. Achieve results through comprehensive end-to-end services.

Event Management

Create a transformational brand experience that connects with and inspires your audience in meaningful and powerful ways.